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The Woodshed

Getting the low down from current luthiers.

HJC Customs

Teaching himself by experimentation, and inspired by having a beautiful instrument we caught up with luthier Harold Cage about his craft.

BPU:What motivated you to begin building bass guitars?

HJC:What motivated me was being poor. My mother worked very hard to support us and bought me a $60.00 pawn shop bass for my 12th birthday. Many of my […]

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Nikola Adamovic

Superb, Unique, diverse, are common words used to describe Adamovic bass guitars. We reached out to Nikola to  get his story, as well as some of the methods he currently uses on bass design.

BPU:What motivated you to begin building bass guitars?

NA:In the early 90’s my first bass was heavy and ergonomically very badly designed. I […]

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Nordstrand NJ5HL

Stew Mckinsey was kind enough to talk about one of Nordstrand’s latest projects.

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Heiko Hoepfinger started building bass guitars in 2001, using a highly innovative methods, and incorporating longtime research on physics has brought forth some amazing instruments that supersede the playing comfort, sound and design of conventional instruments.

BPU: First of all, you have a unique design on your bass guitars! Can you tell us about that, and […]

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Michael Pedulla

Michael Pedulla has been building bass guitars since 1975.  Pedulla has a very well deserved reputation of high quality and excellent craftsmanship.  We reached out to Michael about his passion and more about Pedulla Guitars. 

BPU:Michael, you recently went back to building your bass guitars by hand and solely by yourself. Can you tell us about […]

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Prat Basses – Oscar Fernandez Prat

Bass Players United caught up with Luthier extraordinaire, Oscar Fernandez Prat. Born in Barcelona Spain,  Oscar is a fourth generation antique dealer and was always surrounded by wood growing up. Oscar built his first bass in 1999 and never looked back!

BPU:You’re a fourth generation antique dealer. What was it like growing up in and around […]

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The WoodShed-Carey Nordstrand

No Stranger to the bass world, Carey Nordstrand has caught attention around the world as a premiere luthier.  Attracted to creating instruments and woodworking in general, Carey has been building beautiful basses full time since 2002.

BPU:What motivated you to begin building such beautiful instruments?

CN:Like a lot of guitar builders I mainly just wanted to have […]

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The Woodshed – Sheldon Dingwall

Floppy, weak, unresponsive. These words easily come to mind when describing the low B string of most 5 string basses. With the aid of innovative methods, Sheldon Dingwall, Canadian builder extraordinaire, triumphed where others have failed: Building 5 string without compromises.  Bass Players United caught up with Sheldon, and his craft.
BPU:What motivated you to begin […]

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Interview: Alusonic Aluminum Instruments

In 2010 Andrea “Polly” Pollice  started building Aluminum bass guitars.  Putting in endless hours of sound research on this project, Alusonic has become a house hold name.  We caught up with Andrea on how he started building Aluminum guitars.

Q:Can you tell us where did idea of making aluminum instruments came from?

A:I played bass guitar in […]

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Tao Guitars

Tao Guitars – the marriage of beauty and function
In the world of guitar techs, a young craftsman will invariably start working on other people’s guitars and repairing them with a mind to someday build his own; few ever get that far. The rarified few who do invariably start building by mimicking that which has gone […]

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The Woodshed- Adamovic Basses

Like most of us bass players, Nikola Adamovic found some serious problems with the first bass guitar he owned. “My first bass was a used, medium-priced bass that didn’t sound very good and had terrible ergonomics. It was heavy and had a terrible neck dive,” Adamovic recalls. “I had backaches after playing the bass for […]

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The Woodshed- Tino Tedesco Basses

“I have always been fascinated by the principle usually associated with architecture and design stating that form follows function,” Swiss bass builder Tino Tedesco declares on the first page of his website. “My main goal in the last ten years has been to offer outstanding instruments that stay true to this statement.”

Tino Tedesco first came […]

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The WoodShed- Javier López- JanAid Guitars

An exclusive interview with Javier Lopez owner and luthier of JanAid Guitars.

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The Woodshed

Bass Players United is proud to present The Woodshed.

The Woodshed is going behind the scenes with current luthiers  and their inspiring stories of how they make their amazing bass guitars.

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Bass Guitar above is from JanAid Guitars.

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