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It’s All In The Hands With Andy Irvine

Andy Irvine take BPU through a lesson on creating bass lines.

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Double Pluck Pattern – Leslie Johnson

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Double Thumping Technique

Leslie Johnson walks Bass Players United though an exercise on Double Thumping.

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Mixing Major Scale Runs With Minor Arpeggios

These are examples played over a backing track.

A blank backing track for you to play over.

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Aram Bedrosian – Slapping Tutorial

Aram takes BPU through a slapping Tutorial.

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Loop Improv – Danny Fox

Danny Fox takes us through a Loop Improv.

The chords used in the loop are Cmaj7 / Bm7 / Fmaj7 / Em7 which allowed me Danny to try out C major scale harmony ideas, mixed in with some natural minor ideas, and a couple of more dissonant ideas. Aimed to blend linear scale runs with broken […]

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Andy Irvine – Solo’s

Andy Irvine graciously has been taking us through a series All In The Hands. In this installment Andy takes BPU through Soloing.


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Marvin Gaye What’s Going On – Daniel Achenbach

Daniel walks us through Marvin Gaye What’s Going On. The original also featured legendary James Jamerson on bass guitar.



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Mark Marxon -Dominant 7 chord

Mark Marxon walks us through soloing and playing fills over a Dominant 7 chord



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Chris Tarry – Feeling Large Time

Chris Tarry walks through a great lesson on  Feeling Large Time and walking the bass guitar.

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It’s All In The Hands- Andy Irvine

Andy Irvine series: It’s All In The Hands. In this lesson Andy goes over left and right hand technique and ghost notes.

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Adam Nitti Part III – Pentatonic Scale

Adam Nitti in creative uses minor pentatonic scale.


PhotoCredit-All That Jass

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Arran McSporran Part II Pentatonic Scale

Arran McSporran takes us through Part II of a three part lesson series on Pentatonic Scale

(Photo Credit Cover- Alex York)


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Leslie Johnson-Pentatonic Scale PT I

Part I of a three piece series featuring Leslie Johnson, Arran McSporran and Adam Nitti.


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Norwegian Wood Bass Tutorial – Jerry Phillips

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