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Gear Review – Fender Fatfinger Bass Sustain Enhancer

The Fender Fatfinger Bass Sustain Enhancer “Instantly add more sustain and awe-inspiring tone to you instrument with the Fender Fatfinger.  By clamping the Fatfinger on the headstock of you instrument it will enhance the overall tone and note-to-note response of any electric or acoustic guitar or bass”, at least that’s what the packaging claims.  But […]

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Ivan Carranza – Gruv Gear Duo Strap.

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Gear Review – Fender Rumble 350

The Fender Rumble 350 is a 350 Watt bass combo with 2X10″ Fender® Special Design Speakers. Controls include Volume, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive On/Off, Overdrive Blend, Punch EQ Preset, Scoop EQ Preset, Bass, Semi-Parametric Mid with Level & Frequency controls, and Treble. Also included is a Horn On/Off Switch, XLR Line Out with Ground LIft, Aux […]

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Gear Review – Markbass CMD 102P Bass Combo

The extremely versatile Markbass CMD 102P combo seems to have all of the features many bass players are looking for in a bass combo.  Featuring 2 x 10″ speakers, plus a piezo tweeter, this combo pushes 300 watts (500 watts with an 8 Ohm extension cab) of clean, articulate power.  The built in VLE and […]

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Gear Review – TC Electronics BG250 Tone Print Enabled Bass Combo

Imagine being able to change the effect you want by bringing it up on your phone and beaming it to your amp via your basses pickups.  This is exactly what TC Electronics has been able to achieve with their new BG250 Bass Combo.  Featuring their “TonePrint®” technology built right into the amp, TC Electronics has created […]

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Gear Review – BassBrites Advanced String Cleaner

Buying new strings is one of those sneaky expenses that can put pretty noticeable dings in almost any bassist’s gear budget. Keeping that bright, punchy tone pumping out of your axe (or axes) really racks up a tab that can keep that new piece of gear you’ve been eying consistently just out of reach. We […]

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Gear Review – Circle K Strings

In the never-ending quest for awesome bass tone, many of us players overlook a key component to getting that dream sound. We spend thousands of dollars on basses made of woods we have trouble pronouncing. We may even whip out a credit card or two to snag a rig chock full of glowing tubes or […]

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Gear Review- VT Bass Deluxe

Sound Clips of VT Bass Deluxe:

Bassist for “Dieter Baethge”

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Gear Review: Radial Tonebone Bassbone

Nowadays many bass players use at least two basses when performing on stage.  While this helps to provide a wider tonal variety, there can be certain technical challenges that need to be overcome when switching basses.  Volumes need to be adjusted, amp settings may have to be tweaked, plus if you’ll want to mute your […]

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Gear Review- Jerzy Drozd Obsession Excellency V

Many of us are not too picky when traveling from point A to point B. As long as we get to where we are wanting go and remain in reasonable comfort, the vehicle for the job is not of much concern. However, there are times when sitting behind the wheel of a high-performance machine that […]

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Gear Review- Boomerang III Phrase Sampler

Perhaps one of the most beneficial things you can do to strengthen your musicianship is to listen to recordings of yourself playing. All the little glitches in groove, tone, and technique readily jump out when you are left to the luxury of just listening to your playing rather than using most of your focus on […]

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Gear Review- Stagg EDB ¾ Electric Upright Bass

Stagg EDB ¾ Electric Upright Bass


Years ago I owned a proper upright bass. It was huge, both in sound and size. I ended up parting with it as I just didn’t have the space for it anymore. I’ve always regretting selling it and lately have had the bug to get back into upright, so I […]

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Gear Review-Ibanez Promethean Combo 5110 vs. Genz-Benz 3.0-310T

Ibanez Promethean Combo 5110 vs. Genz-Benz 3.0-310T

With manufacturers shocked at China’s latest moves into cornering and capitalizing the market for the magnet material Neodymium, speaker and amp makers are now scrambling for a dwindling supply and dealing with skyrocketing prices. Rumours are spreading fast that the speaker market will not be supplied with ANY of […]

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