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Mike LePond

Mike LePond is no stranger to the progressive metal scene. He’s been delivering the low end for Symphony X, a band filled with amazing talent, for several years now. We caught up with Mike about his upbringing in music, Symphony X and also his upcoming solo album, entitled “Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins”

BPU: How did you […]

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R.J. Kershaw

Bass Players United got the chance to catch up with British bass player, R.J. Kershaw, who has been on tour with his band, Collibus, through Europe for the last couple of months. 

BPU: When, and how did you start playing bass? Was it your first instrument?

RJK: Guitar was the first instrument I took up when I was […]

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Adam Nitti Music Education

The Internet is just brilliant, isn’t it? Everything you ever need to know about anything can be found there (and what’s more some of it is even true). If you are seeking to learn, or already know, how to play bass, it is an absolute treasure trove of online lessons, instructional YouTube videos, bass tabs […]

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Play Your Bass In A Weird Place!

Bass Players United is proud to present Play Your Bass In A Weird Place.  We opened this contest up so that everyone could enter and from around the world! We want to see you play your bass in a weird or strange bass, you will be judged based on how weird and how strange of […]

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Welcome to Bass Players United!

Thanks for checking out this brand new online magazine/blog brought to by bassplayersunited and Melody Valley Productions!  With a growing list of contributing writers and no shortage of great bass players to promote, we look forward to providing you with new and exciting content throughout each week and month.

Feel free to […]

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