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Alberto Rigoni

Following the successful release of  “Three Wise Monkeys”, Alberto Rigoni, Italian bass player and composer, put his talent to work again and wrote “Overloaded”. The album was released on 1st October and features an amazing cast of musicians, breathtaking riffs and beautiful melodies. 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Alberto about his music upbringing, […]

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Mike LePond

Mike LePond is no stranger to the progressive metal scene. He’s been delivering the low end for Symphony X, a band filled with amazing talent, for several years now. We caught up with Mike about his upbringing in music, Symphony X and also his upcoming solo album, entitled “Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins”

BPU: How did you […]

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R.J. Kershaw

Bass Players United got the chance to catch up with British bass player, R.J. Kershaw, who has been on tour with his band, Collibus, through Europe for the last couple of months. 

BPU: When, and how did you start playing bass? Was it your first instrument?

RJK: Guitar was the first instrument I took up when I was […]

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Marius Goldhammer

Marius Goldhammer started playing guitar at the age of ten and quickly switched to bass. Over the years, he has become one of the most sought after bass players in Germany.

BPU: When, and how did you start playing bass? Was it your first instrument?

MG: I first started playing guitar in my hometown in Cologne when […]

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Christopher Bolte

This time we caught up with the great up and coming german bass player, Christopher Bolte, who recently was awarded a scholarship to attend the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

BPU: When, and how did you start playing bass guitar? Was it your first instrument?
CB: Well I started playing the electric-bass at around 14 years […]

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Andy Irvine

Diverse, gifted, humble, and  Funky are all words that come to mind when we think of Andy Irvine. Andy has a huge heart for the community, and we took this opportunity to catch up with him on how his bass career started, and what he has been working on as of late.

BPU:What inspired you […]

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Jayme Lewis


Jayme Lewis started playing bass at the age of seven, and hasn’t looked back since. We caught with with the diverse musician on some of his new productions including bass podcast, and The  L.A. Bass Lix.

BPU:When, and how did you start playing bass guitar? Was it your first instrument?

JL:I started messing around with my dad’s […]

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Brian Bromberg

Distinct is one of words we have often heard when describing Brian Bromberg. Brian’s diversity not only in his play style but also in his composition has been drawing an endless stream of us to his music. He has played or toured with scores of talented musicians such as Stan Getz, Stanley Clarke, Elvis Costello, […]

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Tanya O’Callaghan

Tanya O Callaghan is no stranger to the music world. Working with familiar artists such as Maynard James Keenan,  Don Mescal, Westlife, Sharon Corr, Josh Eustis, and many more.

BPU:How did you start playing bass?

TO:I was quite a late starter to bass playing actually, I spent most of my teenage years rescuing animals (my other major passion) and singing backing […]

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Grant Stinnett

Colorful, great chops, great concepts, ascending are all words that have been used to describe Grant Stinnett. Inspired by his father to play bass guitar, not only has Grant been recognized for his diversity, but he has also become a household name in the bass world. We caught up with Grant for some Q & A.

BPU:How […]

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Michael Manring

Michael Marning is no stranger to the bass world and is lauded by many as the world’s leading solo bassist. Studying with Jaco Pasotrius and playing with a countless number of artists we caught up with Micheal and chatted with him about his passion.

BPU:What motivated you to start playing bass?

MM:I fell in love with the […]

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Andy Waldeck

Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin with a strong affection for music, Andy has been playing bass from the age of ten. Andy currently plays with the band Daughtry, and we caught up with him and what it was like coming into the band.

BPU:How did you start playing bass?

AW:I started playing bass at age 10. I had […]

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Sean O’Bryan Smith

Sean O’Bryan Smith has become a house hold name to music industry, being  internationally recognized producer, composer, clinician, record label executive and even freelance writer. Sean’s ability to adapt to virtually any musical situation is why he has become one of the most in demand musicians in the industry. Sean has played or recorded with […]

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Alana Rocklin

Playing upright, electric, fretless and midi bass, Alana Rocklin is known for her relentless groove.  Alana will be touring with My Morning Jacket frontman, Jim James, for his solo album “Regions of Light and Sound of God”. She is also the official bassist for producers the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, appearing on Rick Ross’ Grammy nominated 2012 […]

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Adam Nitti

Adam Nitti has influenced bass players around the world, with his solo albums to his clinic work. Adam has just opened a new website to better educate bass players.  Adam has worked and recorded with a number of great artists such as:  Dave Weckl Band, Steven Curtis Chapman, Victor Wooten,Susan Tedeschi, Mandisa, the Jeff Coffin […]

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