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Bass Boost

Bass Boost – Soham Poddar

With Fall fast approaching we have kicked off Bass Boost. By submitting your video like Soham has our Bass Boost team will do their best to give you friendly advice on how to be a better bass player. ([email protected])



Ivan Carranza:Hey Soham,first of all, let me congratulate you for your good tone and a great performance!The […]

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Bass Boost- Jasmine Wong


Dean P Nutt – Great job Jasmine, nice clean sound and timing. Great to also see you adopt the one finger per fret technique, although I can see you cramping up now and again. I’m not sure if that is because you have not warmed as well as you should before recording this video, or the […]

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Bass Boost- Laura Anderson




Dean P Nutt:  Great job Laura! You look very comfortable with your Bass, good finger work & solid playing. As I would suggest to any Bass player, try the one finger per fret approach (spread over 4 frets) to strengthen all your fingers & spend as much time with your instrument as possible. Other than […]

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Bass Boost- Veno Gaube


Damian: Hey Man, nice job!  There are certainly things that you could say “need improvement” but, for 4 months, you’re doing great man!  Everything related to your proficiency will come with time.  Every hour spent with the bass in your hands is an hour closer to being the player you want to be.  I would […]

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Bass Boost- Walter Padilla


Damian  Erskine:Hey man,  Well done!  I dig your left hand technique (index and thumb)..  I do that a lot myself!

Your time, articulation and dynamics all sound great!  The only critique that occurred to me was not an audible one but, rather, a technical thing that is apparent watching you play.I think your right hand technique […]

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Bass Boost-Alysha Moore


Damian Erskine: Hi Alysha!  Nice job (what a workout!!).  Nice job with the transcription and performance.  You caught a lot of the nuances and variations in the line.  Well done!

As far as a real critique goes, the only thing that came to mind was the need for a little more control over the syncopations (subdivisions […]

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Bass Boost

Bass Boost is a new program Bass Players United is proud to present. By sending us your video of you playing we will have our bass boost team as seen on our lessons ,and more great bass players give you friendly advice on how to be a better bass player. Send your video to us […]

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