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Anais Noir

Growing up in Italy, and attending countless concerts, Anais fell in love with the bass guitar at an early age. In her early teens Anais found a gradual path playing bass to alternative, hard rock, and finally arriving at metal. It was later that Anais and her husband founded her current band, Poison Garden. She […]

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Poliana Magalhães

Poliana Magalhães took an early interest in bass guitar while spending endless hours  watching her father playing. It wasn’t until later, when Polina asked for her own bass guitar that her father told her that her hands were to small for the bass, and suggested the  keyboard would be a better option.  After seeing  Poliana’s determination […]

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Sophie Strobl

Sophie Strobl is originally from Murnau, Bavaria, Germany. At the early age of 6, her parents would sent her to recorder lessons. That’s was her first musical experience. Two years later, she started playing her second instrument: the piano.

After many years of classical piano training, she decided it was time to pick up another instrument. […]

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Eli Eisenberg

Toronto native Eli Eisenberg grew up in a family of intense musical appreciation and schooling: private lessons on piano, tickets to the Toronto Symphony, Junior High School concert band, High school stage band and smaller jazz combos with musicians from different parts of the city. This was all a huge part of Eli’s musical upbringing, […]

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Nick Montou

Nick Montou started playing bass when he was 15 years old. Nick happened to catch the sound of Flea slapping his bass on the “Higher Ground” video that was on VH1 at the time and after hearing it, Nick recalls he was never the same.

Shortly after he bought his first bass which was a 4 […]

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Adam Stevens -Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On [Bass Loop Version]

Adam Stevens has been working on more than a few Bass Loop Versions recently. Adam says “it felt right when doing the idea of a loop version of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” came into my head, and I knew I had to do it”! Adam has always had a passion for Marvin Gaye’s […]

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Seb Tull

Seb Tull has had a calling for playing music since childhood. Tull recalls his first instrument being a cello which he played until the age of twelve. He then decided he would rather play in a rock band than an orchestra. After being influenced by bands such as Nirvana, The Offspring, Green Day and Slipknot, […]

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Robbie Gallant

Robbie Gallant is originally from Prince Edward Island. Growing up in a musical family, Robbie began playing the bass guitar at the age of eleven. He received his first Lylon 4 string bass guitar for his eleventh birthday. Robbie started playing Gospel music with his father and older brothers and continued that circuit until he […]

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Artist Spotlight:Laura Fisher

Laura Fisher started playing instruments in primary school. Picking up a passion for music at such an early age she started doing solo performances with a treble recorder in front of her school with her teacher.

Although her parents did not play any instruments, her father would let Laura listen to Vinyl records of such artists […]

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Artist Spotlight-Sara Solheid

Sara Solheid is from Hudson, Wisconsin. Sara was drawn to music at an early age when she was on fishing trips with her father while listening to such bands as REO Speedwagon, and The Eagles. Sara was especially drawn to the bass guitar as she loved how unique it was, the feel, and the thump […]

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Artist Spotlight- Top Five-Roberto Bernardinello

We asked Roberto Bernardinello about five albums that were most influential:

Chick Corea Electric Band – Electric Band

This is the first ‘fusion” album I listened, a friend of mine gave me a copy and I never heard a music like that, I though of it was phenomenal and I was very impressed by Dave Weckl drumming, I […]

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Antonella Mazza

Antonella’s passion for music started as a child. Growing up in Italy Antonella was listening to anything she could get her hands on around the house. When she was 12 her father bought her a guitar for Christmas. Antonella would practice with friends and later put together a Beatles tribute band.

Antonella was accepted to the […]

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Artist Spotlight- Laura Anderson

You tube sensation Laura Anderson aka Andy started experimenting with instruments as a child. Her mother, a musician encouraged her to play as much as possible. Laura Started on piano as a child and later moved to oboe. Laura picked up her first bass 3 years ago on March 11, 2009 to be exact when […]

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Artist Spotlight- Michael Van Polen

Michael Van Polen’s father owned an electric guitar and as a child Michael had his eyes on guitars. His father introduced him to guitars gods such as Jimi Hendix and Santana.

Even growing up in the Netherlands Micheal was envisioning himself as a Radio DJ. Micheal’s father bought him an acoustic guitar and put him into […]

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Artist Spotlight- Alysha Moore

Alysha Moore was seventeen when she saw The Red Hot Chilli Peppers play live on video and immediately took great interest in playing bass.  Alysha’s first bass was a pink encore bass followed by a series of bass guitars leading to her Fleabass.  Although Alysha’s family may not be musicians they do have great taste […]

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