Parchman Farm

Sometimes there is nothing like a good blues based rock band to set the mood and keep the party rolling all night long.  One such band is Salt Lake City’s Parchman Farm, who bring their flavor of ‘Blues with an Attitude” to their latest release “Revelation”.  Featuring the searing guitar work of Nate Lambros, the intense vocals of Tim Tuke, the groove heavy drumming of Derek Conn, and the grooving bass of Codiann Lambros, Parchman Farm blends the best of 70’s blues rock into a style all their own.

Parchman Farm sets the tone for the album with the burly, slide driven, grooving title track “Revelation”.  The bluesy “Me & Murphy” follows with some seriously thumping bass before taking a turn to the dark side with “A Good Day To Die”.  Standout track “John The Revelator” showcases Tukes’ soulful vocals backed by Conn’s precise drums and Lambros’ gritty guitars, while Codiann’s huge bass sounds warm and fat.  The breakneck “Save Your Soul” keeps things rolling along ahead of the bluesy “Livin’ Fast” in which Codiann’s takes a tasty walking bass solo.  The lighter “Rain Or Shine” slows things up a little before diving into the Stones tinged “Glory Days”.  “Mystery Chain” brings the funk to the Farm followed by the gritty “Runaway”.  “Lonely People” caps the album with a slow, tight bass groove that leaves you wanting more.

“Revelation” is a solid effort throughout, definitely delivering “Blues with an Attitude”.  Although Parchman Farm seems to be more of a riff heavy, guitar driven band, Codiann certainly holds her own and keeps the groove strong.  If you are looking to have a good time, listening to some good music, look no further than Parchman Farm.

Stanton Lawrence