Gear Review – Fender Rumble 350

fender-rumble-350The Fender Rumble 350 is a 350 Watt bass combo with 2X10″ Fender® Special Design Speakers. Controls include Volume, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive On/Off, Overdrive Blend, Punch EQ Preset, Scoop EQ Preset, Bass, Semi-Parametric Mid with Level & Frequency controls, and Treble. Also included is a Horn On/Off Switch, XLR Line Out with Ground LIft, Aux in, Headphone Jack, Effects Loop, plus Fender’s Delta Comp Adaptive Compression Circuitry. All of this is housed in a Heavy Duty Ported Cabinet with Black Vinyl Covering, a Rugged Black Metal Grill, Springloaded Side Handles and Removable Casters to aid in portability.


Plugging in a Standard P Bass I fiddled with the amp a bit before cranking it up so I could hear it at full volume.  This things definitely gets loud, unfortunately that does not mean that it sounds good. Personally I thought it sounded horrible at high volumes. There was a lot of distortion going on, even without the built in Overdrive engaged. I didn’t tweak on the controls much while at the high volume, but I doubt that I could of dialed in a usable tone. Once turned down to a more respectable level I tried various tone settings but just could not really come up with anything I liked. This amp seemingly has a lot of tone controls with it’s Semi-Parametric EQ, Tone Presets, Overdrive and Compression Circuits, so perhaps if I had spent some more time with it I could of found something I liked. In truth, I’m more of a less is better kind of guy, especially when it comes to built in effects. While having on-board effects might be convenient to some, I don’t like the idea, and feel that it’s just one more path your signal has to travel through before getting to the speaker, even if you don’t use them.

On the surface the Fender Rumble 350 seems to have a lot going for it, I just didn’t care for the tone. I love Fender Basses and have played through a few Fender Bass Amps over the years, but have yet to find a Fender amp that has the tone I am looking for. At 350 watts the Rumble certainly has a lot power, yet interestingly enough it does not have an output for an additional speaker cabinet. Moreover, at almost 70 pounds, this thing is a beast! Sure is comes with removable casters but those don’t help you lift the thing up when putting it in the back of your car.  I know there is a lot of love for these Fender Rumble amps, but I’m just not feeling it.

Stanton Lawrence



  1. I thought it was just me – I’ve been using one of these at a new rehearsal space and it’s dreadful. Nothing I do (horn on/off, shaping, scoop midrage, boost midrange) can coax a useable sound out of it; it’s “farty” and “honky” at any volume. I’ve used (and owned) other amps in the Rumble series and while none of them are stellar, they are better than the 350.

    Gazz on 24 October 13, 8:50pm (Reply)
  2. I have one of these and it is absolutely one of the best bass amps I have ever used. It is a little heavy, but with that being said, all of the lightweight bass amps I’ve tried sound, well , light. Perhaps it is the basses or the electronics you people are using. I use a Carvin BB75P with Bartolini Electronics, Ibanez SR1200E and a Washburn AB40 on gigs that range from Classic Rock to Easy Listening. Its not always the amp as I found out prior to changing my Carvins electronics. Just food for thought.

    Gbassman123 on 21 October 14, 4:49pm (Reply)

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