TCBG250Imagine being able to change the effect you want by bringing it up on your phone and beaming it to your amp via your basses pickups.  This is exactly what TC Electronics has been able to achieve with their new BG250 Bass Combo.  Featuring their “TonePrint®” technology built right into the amp, TC Electronics has created a powerful, feature rich, light weight bass combo that may be just what you’ve been looking for.

As the name implies, the TC Electronics BG250 pushes 250 watts into a single 15″ Custom TC speaker and TC Tweeter.  It features a built in tuner, a “TubeDrive” tube emulation knob, plus TC Electronic’s famous “TonePrint®” technology, which essentially lets you pick and change one specific, on-board effect.  Additional features include bass contoured tone controls, a mute button, an axillary input for connecting your iPod, a headphone jack, and a balance output for sending your signal to a PA.  An optional foot switch is available which allows you to control the TubeDrive, “TonePrint®”, and tuner.

The first thing that struck me about the BG250 was how crisp and clear the tone was. Even when I cranked it up, the tone was still clear with little to no distortion.  To me the amp seemed capable of dialing in a good array of sounds with it’s 3-band bass contoured EQ.  I played around with the “TubeDrive” knob a bit, but am not sure if I really liked it, I can see where it might be useful to some players, but it didn’t do much for me.  The “TonePrint®” feature, which comes pre-loaded with TC’s Chorus/Vibrato effect, was actually kind of cool.  I was able to quickly dial in a nice Jaco-esque tone, and know I would enjoy playing around with the different effects that you can load into this thing.  All in all I have to say that the BG250 is not a bad little combo.


At 250 watts, the BG250 gets fairly loud and I think it would work out fine for jamming at home and even band practice, but worry that it wouldn’t be enough in a live situation.  A little more wattage and an external speaker out would go along way on this, but at it’s current street price of just $399, it is still hard to pass up.   Add to that the fact that it weighs only 35lbs and I would say that the TC Electroncis BG250 is certainly worth consideration.

Stanton Lawrence