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Posted on 26 Feb 2013

Gear Review – TC Electronics BG250...

Imagine being able to change the effect you want by bringing it up on your phone and beaming it to your amp via your basses pickups.  This is exactly what TC Electronics has been able to achieve with their new BG250 Bass Combo.  Featuring their “TonePrint®” technology built right into the amp, TC Electronics has created a powerful, feature rich,... Read More »
Posted on 21 Feb 2013

Warming up- Franklin Peredo

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Posted on 18 Feb 2013

Sean O’Bryan Smith

Sean O’Bryan Smith has become a house hold name to music industry, being  internationally recognized producer, composer, clinician, record label executive and even freelance writer. Sean’s ability to adapt to virtually any musical situation is why he has become one of the most in demand musicians in the industry. Sean has played or recorded with some familiar names in... Read More »
Posted on 11 Feb 2013

Leslie Johnson-Practicing With A Metronome...

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