Play Your Bass In A Weird Place!

Bass Players United is proud to present Play Your Bass In A Weird Place.  We opened this contest up so that everyone could enter and from around the world! We want to see you play your bass in a weird or strange bass, you will be judged based on how weird and how strange of place you pick, and your playing to some extent. We want you to have fun doing it, but also careful!!! We don’t want you to get injured doing this. You can record the playing and audio separately if you would like!

When you have it recorded post it to our facebook page labeled Play Your Bass In A Weird Place.  Our Judges, Damian Erskine, Arran McSporran, Sarit Black, Simon Sammut, and Rocco Monteferrante will pick their three favorite video’s.  We will then put the judges top three video’s to and you can  vote on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


What can you win?

A new Bass from Datum Bass Guitar valued at 2500.00 Euro’s

Bass Players United

A new custom Auto Wah pedal from our friends at Arcane Analog.


A new Duo Strap from GruvGear


We also have a fifty dollar gift certificate from Circle K Strings,  A week of premium membership at Adam Nitti’s new website-, A Free BPU Hoodie,  and signed Cd’s from various number of familiar artists such as Brian Bromberg,Colin Edwin/Jon Durant,Alberto Rigoni, Leslie Johnson, Andy Saxton, Amanda Ruzza, Aram Bedrosian, Bruno Migliari, Sean O’Bryan Smith, Alex Apolo Ayala,Tansu Tumer and more!

By Entering Your video you are giving us permission to put your video on our youtube channel for a short period of time to make our winners.

Dead Line is March 1st, 2013






  1. Hello, it`s seen very interesting the 4 string bass beautiful, I wish and I hope to get some day one of this Bass guitar.

    Sincerely Jacinto R Perez Jacin Perez , on Bass TV on you tube

    JACINTO on 20 January 13, 6:52pm (Reply)
  2. Hey,

    I was wondering, when is the deadline of the competition? and also, play in a weird place as in somewhere else besides a normal location right? haha


    Anthony on 21 January 13, 3:31am (Reply)
    • Hey Anthony. Well I guess that depends where you consider Normal. We would like to see you play in a weird, strange, unusual place and have fun doing it! Deadline is Feb 23, 2013.

      Adam Phillips on 25 January 13, 3:00pm (Reply)
  3. Hey guys I have a quick question here ! Can I record the sound and the video separetly even if the moves and the way how they should sound are not synchronized ?
    Because I will record the video outside and I really can’t take out my 68 lbs amp :p
    Thx !

    hedi on 23 January 13, 11:15am (Reply)
    • You can add the sound later if you’d like!

      Adam Phillips on 25 January 13, 2:57pm (Reply)
  4. Adam Nitti, eh? I wonder if he has any relatives named Frank who lived in Chicago some years back . . .

    JohnnyCNote on 23 January 13, 2:30pm (Reply)
  5. Let’s cut to the chase,……I love to play Bass.

    David Mastrobuono on 24 January 13, 2:13am (Reply)
  6. Do you have to be able to hear the bass or is this purely visual? I would think some ideas are not ideal for hauling gear or recording equipment. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Rick on 25 January 13, 2:05am (Reply)
    • We don’t want you to have to haul a bunch of gear around. If you would like to play in a weird place with your bass and no amp that is fine. Just have fun doing it!

      Adam Phillips on 25 January 13, 2:56pm (Reply)
  7. Just to be clear on the rules, this is supposed to be an actual place and not just in front of a green screen right? And can it only be one place per video?

    David on 30 January 13, 3:03am (Reply)
    • Hi there David. Yes in an actual place, and it can be multiple places on one video. You’re allowed to enter two video’s.

      Adam Phillips on 30 January 13, 8:59am (Reply)
  8. Hey,

    I was wondering, can the song we play be a cover? (with the song in the background)

    Thanks, Rares

    Rares Diaconu on 31 January 13, 5:24pm (Reply)
    • Hi there Rares. You can do a cover if you’d like no problem.

      Adam Phillips on 31 January 13, 6:37pm (Reply)
  9. Hello there i was just wondering if and how do you sign up for this contest ?
    Also where do you post the video?

    Thanks, tony

    tony gehrke on 17 February 13, 4:33pm (Reply)
    • Hi Tony. Play Your Bass In A Weird Place contest is based off our facebook page to some extent. Post your video of yourself playing in a weird place/ Labled Play Your Bass In A Weird Place. We will then share the video and the judges will make their decision on there final three.


      Adam Phillips on 17 February 13, 6:20pm (Reply)
  10. hello! I can’t find your facebook page.The contest is still on,wright?:)

    Andreea on 27 February 13, 12:17pm (Reply)
  11. oooh baby, I want that Datum bass…..:):)

    Joshua Pickenpaugh on 08 March 13, 1:26am (Reply)

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