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New Shop- Better Prices!

We did it! Bass Players United has opened a new shop, with great product and great prices! Thank you for your support!

Adam Phillips


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Leslie Johnson Tutorial- Nothing But The Grace

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The WoodShed-Carey Nordstrand

No Stranger to the bass world, Carey Nordstrand has caught attention around the world as a premiere luthier.  Attracted to creating instruments and woodworking in general, Carey has been building beautiful basses full time since 2002.

BPU:What motivated you to begin building such beautiful instruments?

CN:Like a lot of guitar builders I mainly just wanted to have […]

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Alana Rocklin

Playing upright, electric, fretless and midi bass, Alana Rocklin is known for her relentless groove.  Alana will be touring with My Morning Jacket frontman, Jim James, for his solo album “Regions of Light and Sound of God”. She is also the official bassist for producers the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, appearing on Rick Ross’ Grammy nominated 2012 […]

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Play Your Bass In A Weird Place!

Bass Players United is proud to present Play Your Bass In A Weird Place.  We opened this contest up so that everyone could enter and from around the world! We want to see you play your bass in a weird or strange bass, you will be judged based on how weird and how strange of […]

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Album Review: Colin Edwin and Jon Durant – Burnt Belief

Released on the much prophesied doomsday date of December 21, 2012, Burnt Belief is a collaborative effort between Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin and guitarist Jon Durant.  Intentionally designed to coincide with the much-hyped (and ultimately failed) prophecies of the Mayan apocalypse. The title refers to “what happens to people who try to reconcile delusional […]

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Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America, volume 3’ – Vinnie Zummo

A few years ago I bought Andy Partridge’s ‘Fuzzy Warbles’ box set. Nestled among the nine CDs of demos and unreleased tunes was a faithful recreation of The Beatles ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, recorded by his fellow XTC guitarist, Dave Gregory, on a four track home recorder in his front room. Gregory, the sleeve notes explained, […]

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BPU Lesson- Practicing With A Metronome


Leslie Johnson

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‘Timeless Grooves’ – Dennis Angel

Jazz, as they say, is broad church, encompassing a variety of influences, styles and approaches. To be a critical success in this form in these modern times, it would sometimes seem that you have to be one of two things: distinctly odd, or oddly distinct. New York trumpeter Dennis Angel is neither of these. What […]

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Joseph Patrick Moore- Read Music

Joseph Patrick Moore  releases his enhanced interactive ebook.  From basic elements to advanced concepts, this comprehensive 250 page book is filled with hundreds of audio examples, exercises, etudes and interactive self-tests designed specifically for the iPad and sold exclusively at iTunes.

Bass Players United will be giving away 5 free copies of Read Music. Check our […]

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