Laura Fisher started playing instruments in primary school. Picking up a passion for music at such an early age she started doing solo performances with a treble recorder in front of her school with her teacher.

Although her parents did not play any instruments, her father would let Laura listen to Vinyl records of such artists as Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Listening to albums with her father, Laura wanted to try playing saxophone or guitar. At the time the guitar a more affordable instrument for her, so they bought her a starter guitar. After practicing with her ¾ guitar Laura started learning classical guitar and later moved onto electric. Always having a passion to play more instruments, Laura moved onto bass guitar and fell in love with it. Laura would say “The neck and spacing seems to “fit” me more than any other instrument” Of her 8 guitars and 2 basses, she finds she can never seem to put her basses down, and enjoys the challenge of improving. Laura points to such influences as Michael LePond, John Myung, Steve Harris, and of course Billy Sheehan.

Laura now plays bass with the band Headwires based out of Leicester, UK.  Her band consists of a full female rhythm section and Callum Wimhurst on lead guitar/vocals. Headwires are currently working on an EP which should be released soon.


(Photo Credit-David McKnight)