Sara Solheid is from Hudson, Wisconsin. Sara was drawn to music at an early age when she was on fishing trips with her father while listening to such bands as REO Speedwagon, and The Eagles. Sara was especially drawn to the bass guitar as she loved how unique it was, the feel, and the thump of it. At the age of thirteen Sara received her first bass guitar. Sara and her twin sister played in many bands practicing in their basement.

Sara loves Funk, Jass, and rock & roll! Sara’s influences: Jaco Pastorius, Larry Graham, Geddy Lee, Verdine, White, Marucs Miller, Victor Wotten, Jim Cammack, and Stew Mckinsey. Stew Mckinsey played a very important role in Sara’s life as eventually the two became good friends and Stew was an early mentor to Sara and joined the ranks of her bass idols along with Bruce Hall of REO Speed Wagon.  After finishing high school Sara started music school at McNally Smith College of Music in St.Paul Minnesota but found her time there was cut short by three back to back surgeries on her hand/arm due to torn tendons from playing so much. Wear and tear!

Sara credits her family and husband Ben for helping her through those rough times. Sara has hit the ground running and has been working on getting her technique to where it previously was before surgery.


Stew Mckinsey weighs in on Sara and her playing:

Sara contacted me years ago with a series of questions about bass. What impressed me was that she was both serious about the instrument and at the same time was exuberant in her enthusiasm. She quickly became not just a friend but one of my best friends. A confidante and source or encouragement, she has seen me through some tough times, even when she was going through them herself.

Sara is not only someone who is passionate about music but also one of the most inspiring people I know. I am proud to call her a friend and I am always excited to see the developments in her life, as a musician and as a person.