Italian bassist Alberto Rigoni serves up a fresh dose of prog-rock on his latest release Three Wise Monkeys.  Centered around the Japanese folk legend denoted by the album’s title, Rigoni displays a new level of maturity and sophistication.  His distinctive bass style stands out on each track, as does his compositional prowess.

Boasting a stellar array of guest musician’s, the album is both assertive and melodic.  Half instrumental and half with vocals, Rigoni’s phenomenal bass playing ranges from flat out aggressive (Blackened Tornado, Free Falling), to more subtle, even delicate, tones (Kikazaru, Between space and time).  Playing a prominent, yet not over powering, role in each track, Rigoni’s bass lays down a solid foundation enabling each of his guest musician’s to shine.

Demonstrating a genuine mastery of his instrument, Rigoni solidifies that he is a bass force to be reckoned with.  A true progressive rock experience, Rigoni’s conceptual vision of the Three Wise Monkeys is delivered with both style and agility.


Stanton Lawrence([email protected])