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Posted on 29 Oct 2012

Album Review: ‘Jazz Album’ – Janice...

Guitarist Vinnie Zummo remains best known for his work with Joe Jackson in the 1980s, although his impressive CV covers a plethora of name acts, including Shawn Colvin, Paul Carrack and Roger Daltrey. For this album he shares title billing with his wife (and regular guest vocalist at his live shows), Janice. This first joint foray into the world... Read More »
Posted on 24 Oct 2012

Daniel Achenbach – Jamiroquai Too...

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Posted on 14 Oct 2012

So, You Want to Put on a Bass Festival?

If you are a little bit “off” like me, you may have the wild idea of putting on a bass festival. Before I get into ways of how to get started putting on a show of your own, let me tell you about the event I do. BassUp! is a bass-centric show in Atlanta. The 2012 event will take... Read More »
Posted on 04 Oct 2012

Album Review- ‘Hamlet’ by The Tiger...

A musical version of ‘Hamlet’ probably doesn’t rank high on the list of great stage ideas. Just writing that sentence down makes one shudder, the title suggesting the worst episode of ‘Glee’ that you’ll ever see. However, for a European touring production of Shakespeare’s epic drama, the Danish acting company, Theatre Republique, have collaborated with England’s arch purveyors of... Read More »