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Aram Bedrosian -Strumming Tutorial.

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Album Review – Sean O’Bryan Smith – Reflection

As if returning from a spiritual journey, Nashville bassist and composer Sean O’Bryan Smith delivers us his second album, “Reflection”.  This soulful sounding album contains 10 refreshingly updated versions of church standards and gospel hits as well as 2 inspired original tracks thrown in for good measure.  Backed by a collection of world class musician’s […]

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Interview- Leslie Johnson

Jermaine Morgan launched his 2nd contest ‘Say It With Your Strings.’ Jermaine brought on 3 world renowned bassists to judge his contest, Damian Erskine, Adam Nitti and Robert Bubby Lewis who were all amazed at Leslie Johnson’s entry. The judges agreed hands down that Leslie had great use of space and melodic content to […]

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Rush-Clockwork Angels

Rush stand at a peculiar place within the realms of the classic rock canon. Always at the feistier end of the Prog spectrum, they are probably as popular now (in terms of concert tickets sold) as they were at the peak of their commercial success some thirty years ago. They remain not only a formidable […]

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