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Album Review – Brian Bromberg – In The Spirit of Jobim

Presented as a simultaneous release with “Bromberg Plays Hendrix”, Brian Bromberg continues to deliver the goods with “In The Spirit of Jobim”.  Paying tribute to the great Brazilian Bossa Nova Master, Antonio Jobim, Bromberg offers seven original Jobim inspired songs, alongside five Jobim classics.  To stay true to the music, Bromberg has brought together a […]

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Bass Boost- Jasmine Wong


Dean P Nutt – Great job Jasmine, nice clean sound and timing. Great to also see you adopt the one finger per fret technique, although I can see you cramping up now and again. I’m not sure if that is because you have not warmed as well as you should before recording this video, or the […]

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Album Review – Brian Bromberg – Bromberg Plays Hendrix

When one thinks of the music of Jimi Hendrix, bass is not exactly what comes to mind, but you know, sometimes genius is found in the oddest of pairings.  Brian Bromberg has achieved such genius on his new album, “Bromberg Plays Hendrix”.  What’s most notable here is the fact that there is no guitar on […]

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Artist Spotlight- Top Five-Roberto Bernardinello

We asked Roberto Bernardinello about five albums that were most influential:

Chick Corea Electric Band – Electric Band

This is the first ‘fusion” album I listened, a friend of mine gave me a copy and I never heard a music like that, I though of it was phenomenal and I was very impressed by Dave Weckl drumming, I […]

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Interview- Amanda Ruzza

Amanda Ruzza album debut, “This Is What Happened” left many who appreciate quality music in awe.  We caught up with Amanda and got some back ground info on Amanda’s past and the making of the album.

BPU:When did you get your first bass:

AR:I got it in Brazil, at the age of 12, after falling in love […]

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Album Review: ‘Tomorrow’ – Aleks Girshevich Trio

Tomorrow – Aleks Girshevich Trio

The piano trio is one of the most traditional – and formidable – of all jazz configurations. Anyone new entering the genre not only has to compete with the legacy of such giants of the form as Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson, but they also need to be able to […]

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Abstractions on MWAH- Stew Mckinsey

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Amanda Ruzza- This is What Happened

‘This Is What Happened’ – Amanda Ruzza
Upon listening to ‘This Is What Happened’, the debut CD by the New York resident and Brazilian born bassist Amanda Ruzza, one thing soon becomes clear. This not a bassist’s album. Sure, Amanda is on her instrument throughout, and a great player she is too. She’s dexterous, fluid, imaginative, […]

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