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Posted on 31 May 2012

Interview: Alusonic Aluminum Instruments

In 2010 Andrea “Polly” Pollice  started building Aluminum bass guitars.  Putting in endless hours of sound research on this project, Alusonic has become a house hold name.  We caught up with Andrea on how he started building Aluminum guitars. Q:Can you tell us where did idea of making aluminum instruments came from? A:I played bass guitar in a pop/rock... Read More »
Posted on 29 May 2012

Foundations- Jimmy Blanton

Jimmy Blanton is a name that is little known outside of the coterie of jazz aficionados and double bass players, yet he is probably the most important and influential bassist of the twentieth century. His recording career was brief, lasting just three years between 1939 and 1941, before being tragically cut short due to his early death at the... Read More »
Posted on 29 May 2012

Zagreb Guitar Show

Enter your song into Guitar Masters 2012 and Bass Masters 2012 competitions at Zagreb Guitar Show.  Competition is open to all nationalities and to players . Good luck!   http://zagrebguitarshow.com/entrant-registration/ Read More »
Posted on 24 May 2012

Album Review – Reggie Washington...

“Freedom”, the second album from bassist extraordinaire Reggie Washington, expands the limits of Modern “Cutting Edge” Jazz.  Representing a meeting of European and American musicians with a mix of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues, Classical and World Music, Freedom features the “Dream Team” Trio of Reggie Washington (Bass), Jef Lee Johnson (Guitar) and Gene Lake (Drums). Washington’s crisp, legible tone... Read More »
Posted on 22 May 2012

BPU Interview-Scott Fernandez

BPU: Can you tell us about your musical inspiration? SF: I listen to a lot of music and my inspirations are reflective of that. Things like Quruli, Yelle, MC Frontalot, YMCK, Erykah Badu, George Watsky, Deftones, Pe’z. That is always an incredibly difficult thing to answer. It’s like asking you to catch air with a butterfly net. There’s WAY... Read More »
Posted on 17 May 2012

BPU Lesson-Incorporating Melodic Phrases...

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Posted on 14 May 2012

Bullet Cables

Q:Introduce yourself to our readers please? A:I’m Ted McCann.  I am the lead designer for Core One (parent company).  Most people know my work with Bullet Cable the best. Q: What is the story behind Bullet Cables, and where did idea of making your own cables come from? A:Many people do not know this, but the Bullet Cable was... Read More »
Posted on 11 May 2012

Tao Guitars

Tao Guitars – the marriage of beauty and function In the world of guitar techs, a young craftsman will invariably start working on other people’s guitars and repairing them with a mind to someday build his own; few ever get that far. The rarified few who do invariably start building by mimicking that which has gone before; in the... Read More »
Posted on 09 May 2012

Antonella Mazza

Antonella’s passion for music started as a child. Growing up in Italy Antonella was listening to anything she could get her hands on around the house. When she was 12 her father bought her a guitar for Christmas. Antonella would practice with friends and later put together a Beatles tribute band. Antonella was accepted to the Conservatory where she... Read More »
Posted on 09 May 2012

Album Review – Aram Bedrosian

To say the bass playing on Aram Bedrosian’s self-titled debut is phenomenal is an understatement.  What this guy can do on a 4 string bass, without the use of loopers or layering of multiple tracks, is nothing short of amazing.  I first heard Bedrosian via a YouTube video and immediately thought, “Who is this guy?  Why I have I... Read More »
Posted on 08 May 2012

10 String Lesson with Stew Mckinsey

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