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Album Review: Giants – The Stranglers


For European bass players of a certain age, The Stranglers’ Jean-Jacques Burnel is more than just a revered player of the instrument. Amid the cultural milieu of the UK punk scene of 1977/78, he was the only bassist worth listening to. His fast, furious, in-your-face bass style was at the fore of The Strangler’s first […]

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Artist Spotlight- Laura Anderson

You tube sensation Laura Anderson aka Andy started experimenting with instruments as a child. Her mother, a musician encouraged her to play as much as possible. Laura Started on piano as a child and later moved to oboe. Laura picked up her first bass 3 years ago on March 11, 2009 to be exact when […]

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Bass Players United Interview- Scott Reeder

BPU:When did you get your first bass:

SR:I was playing drums in a punk band called Dead Issue during high school, around 1982. Our bass player quit, and we couldn’t find a replacement.  I bought his Rickenbacker copy for a hundred bucks and borrowed a little amp from our guitarist, Mario Lalli. We got Alfredo Hernandez […]

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Shez Raja- Mystic Radikal

Shez Raja- Mystic Radikal


Shez Raja is a London-based bassist with a soulful tone and a funky twang who has been steadily building a solid reputation on the UK jazz scene in recent years. For this, his third album under the ‘collective’ name, he calls upon the talents of some quality musicians to provide a sleek […]

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De Profundis- “The Emptiness Within”

“The Emptiness Within” by De Profundis is the UK metal band’s third release, but since I personally haven’t heard the first two, I will approach this one with fresh ears. I am familiar with bassist Arran McSporran’s fretless work, and I’m pleased to hear his playing is in full force here, with awesome fretless licks […]

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Send us your story- CD Give Away

Send us your story of how you started playing bass and what trials you have gone through you will be entered into a contest to win a signed CD from one of the artists below.  We will also pick one entry to feature in Bass Players United. Send your name, your story, a  picture, and […]

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Album Review: Lady & THE BASS – “GROOVY”

Lady & THE BASS are a fresh new electronic pop duo featuring vocalist Irene Ermolli (“Lady”) and bassist/composer/songwriter Alberto Rigoni (“THE BASS).  Their first full length album, “GROOVY” is a catchy mix of pop, electro, funk and experimental influences woven together to form and eclectic dance album.  It is refreshing to hear a real bass […]

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Album Review: Chinua Hawk – “A Beautifully Complicated Life”

Chinua (Shin-Wah) Hawk’s latest release, “A Beautifully Complicated Life” was skillfully produced and arranged by bassist Joseph Patrick Moore, whom also held down the bass duties.  A blend of pop, gospel, R&B and classic soul, Hawk’s soulful vocals stand out throughout the album while Moore keeps the groove steady.

Moore’s touch is clearly felt on the […]

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The Woodshed- Adamovic Basses

Like most of us bass players, Nikola Adamovic found some serious problems with the first bass guitar he owned. “My first bass was a used, medium-priced bass that didn’t sound very good and had terrible ergonomics. It was heavy and had a terrible neck dive,” Adamovic recalls. “I had backaches after playing the bass for […]

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London Bass Guitar Show 2012

Review: The London Bass Guitar Show

Despite being only in its second year of operation, the London Bass Guitar show has become the world’s largest commercial fair for all things bass. For two days, at London’s Earl’s Court exhibition centre, you can try those instruments that your local music store simply doesn’t stock and – if […]

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Album Review: Bryan Beller, ‘Thanks In Advance’

Bryan Beller is one of those bassist that always seems to be busy working on one project or another.  With a storied career as a sideman with Mike Keneally and Steve Vai, a regular contributor to Bass Player Magazine, and previously running SWR for Fender, one has to be thankful that Beller finds the time […]

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Say It With Your Strings Contest

Cover Jermaine’s song and winner will be featured as a spotlight in Bass Players United!

Dead Line March 23


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