Turkish born, 26 year old, Tansu Tumer makes his US debut with “Afraid of What?”  Creating a unique sound via his mastery of the electric bass, Tumer takes World Music to new heights.  Throughout the album Eastern rhythms are mixed with Western harmonies and vise-versa creating an alluring fusion of sounds.  There is a certain beauty to Tumer’s music that is hard to describe, but is definitely felt on each of the albums 8 tracks.

The first track “Acute Perception” takes the art of tapping to a whole new level, creating sounds often thought not possible on a 4 string bass.  The second track, “Embleme”, has a very Wootenesque feel to the groove, combined with catchy lyrics that will be sure to stick in your head long after you’ve listened to it.  Tumer is no one trick pony, however, serving up more melodic lines in both “Eurasian Fantasy” and “Eski Yaralar” as well as “Circumstances”.  With “Artificially Flavored” he shows that he can bring the funk, laying down a tight groove along the way.  “The Ghetto” and “10 Years” showcase Tumer’s trademark techniques such as Tremolo Harmonics, Palm Slapping, and Tremolo Tappings.

A truly innovative album that begs to be listened to with a critical ear, Tumer has created an album that truly showcases his unique virtuosity.  9/10



Stanton Lawrence([email protected])