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Bass Boost

Bass Boost is a new program Bass Players United is proud to present. By sending us your video of you playing we will have our bass boost team as seen on our lessons ,and more great bass players give you friendly advice on how to be a better bass player. Send your video to us […]

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Exclusive Lesson- Daniel Achenbach-Major 7 Chords

Daniel Achenbach takes Bass Players United through Major 7 Chords

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BPU Exclusive Lesson- Damian Erskine- Harmonics PT II

Damian Erskine Harmonics PT II

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The Woodshed

Bass Players United is proud to present The Woodshed.

The Woodshed is going behind the scenes with current luthiers  and their inspiring stories of how they make their amazing bass guitars.

For more information on how you can have your guitars promoted contact us at [email protected]







Bass Guitar above is from JanAid Guitars.

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BPU Exclusive Lesson- Damian Erskine- Modes Part III

BPU Lesson Modes PT III

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Artist Spotlight- Alysha Moore

Alysha Moore was seventeen when she saw The Red Hot Chilli Peppers play live on video and immediately took great interest in playing bass.  Alysha’s first bass was a pink encore bass followed by a series of bass guitars leading to her Fleabass.  Although Alysha’s family may not be musicians they do have great taste […]

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Album Review – Andrea Fascetti, Cinema

The piano trio is one of the mainstays of jazz and it is difficult for anyone entering that medium to be able to contribute something new to the genre for comparisons to the great trios of both yesteryear (Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson) and today (Keith Jarrett, Brad Mehladu) are inevitable. However, what sets Fascetti’s ensemble […]

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Album Review – Joseph Patrick Moore – XYZ Factor

On his latest effort “XYZ Factor” Joseph Patrick Moore fuses together elements of contemporary jazz with electronica delivering a unique experience which will be sure to please both electronica and jazz fans alike.  The three song EP, co-produced by platinum record producer Buzz Amato, features an electronic beat backed by Moore’s uplifting bass lines.  While […]

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BPU Exclusive Lesson- Joseph Patrick Moore- Harmonics Pt I

The very talented Joseph Patrick Moore gives lesson on Harmonics PT I

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Gear Review – BassBrites Advanced String Cleaner

Buying new strings is one of those sneaky expenses that can put pretty noticeable dings in almost any bassist’s gear budget. Keeping that bright, punchy tone pumping out of your axe (or axes) really racks up a tab that can keep that new piece of gear you’ve been eying consistently just out of reach. We […]

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