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Album Review: Augusto Gentili – ‘Musiche per il Proprio Tempo’

Album Review: Augusto Gentili – ‘Musiche per il Proprio Tempo’

I’d not heard of bassist Augusto Gentili before and – I suspect – few listeners outside of his native Italy have either. However Gentili is a player of integrity and talent and with this, his debut solo album, he has created a modernist piece which is […]

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Life With Stew Mckinsey

A closer look at Stew Mckinsey extended-range bass player extrodinare

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Foundations – Ron Carter


Ron Carter


The problem with writing about the bass playing of Ron Carter is the sheer number of sessions he has performed on. As one of the most recorded musicians in music history, his bass playing has allegedly graced more than 2,500 albums. Where then is the listener to begin if they wish to hear the […]

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Modes Part II- Stewart Mckinsey

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Album Review – Caçarola – Orquestra de Baixos


Caçarola is a small Brazilian orchestra comprised of six bassists.  Exploring the musical possibilities and expressions of the instrument, Orquestra de Baixos showcases the ingenious use of electric 4, 5 and 6 strings, fretless, acoustic, and double bass.  Although all of the bassists demonstrate a technical command of their instruments, the focus here is on […]

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Modes Part I- Jermaine Morgan

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Bass Players United Exclusive Lesson- Arran McSporran 2, 3 and 4 finger picking hand technique

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Gear Review – Circle K Strings

In the never-ending quest for awesome bass tone, many of us players overlook a key component to getting that dream sound. We spend thousands of dollars on basses made of woods we have trouble pronouncing. We may even whip out a credit card or two to snag a rig chock full of glowing tubes or […]

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Artist Spotlight-Daniel Rey

BPU:When did you get your first bass:

DR:I had my first bass in 2002 after turning 14 years old. I was also into rocker and skater at the time.

BPU:What kind of musical upbringing did you have? Do you come from a musical family?

DR:I’m the first professional musician in my family. My dad, and a couple of […]

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