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Posted on 30 Sep 2011

Anthony Crawford- Urban Jazz

The virtuoso bass player is a rare, niche market. If you want your name to stand alongside the great maestros of today – Wooten, Hamm, Berlin, etc. – you’ve got to be able to come up with something really quite special, or at the very least mark your ground as being as different from other players as possible. For... Read More »
Posted on 29 Sep 2011

Album Review – Jermaine Morgan –...

Jermaine Morgan’s newest release, The Journey Continues is a soulful, uplifting album that delivers healthy doses of gospel, christian and jazz.  Morgan’s singing, articulate bass tone is a treat for the aural senses.  The first track “Groove Man” seems to set the pace, and man does it groove!  Followed by his previously released single “Journey”, the groove never stops... Read More »
Posted on 26 Sep 2011

Gear Review- VT Bass Deluxe

Sound Clips of VT Bass Deluxe:http://soundcloud.com/ivanbassist www.youtube.com/IvanBassist Bassist for “Dieter Baethge”www.myspace.com/dbzband Read More »
Posted on 21 Sep 2011

Foundations- Ray Brown

  Ray Brown stands as one of the most technically accomplished bass players of all time. His full, round sound, meticulous timing and almost scientific approach to the instrument is best exemplified in the pages of his book, ‘Bass Method’, an instructional manual first published in 1963 which remains one of (if not) widest read of all of the... Read More »
Posted on 13 Sep 2011

Album Review-11 Cabeças.

  The very name of this Brazilian jazz fusion act, 11 Cabecas (or ‘eleven heads’ in English), promptly tells you that we are talking a large group format. On this eponymous album, it also represents the combined brain power of its players for this is a record chock full of ideas as the musicians weave their way through a... Read More »
Posted on 07 Sep 2011

Artist Interview- Kim Clarke

Recently we asked Stewart Mckinsey if would do an interview with Kim Clarke for Bass Players United. Stewart Mckinsey attributes Defunkt as a huge influence on his own playing.   SM:How did you start playing, and where did you study bass or are you primarily self-taught? KC:I had tried guitar for a minute after my play sister dug an... Read More »
Posted on 07 Sep 2011

Album Review: Vinnie Zummo – Swinging...

  Former Joe Jackson Guitarist, Vinnie Zummo, brings us another genre spanning disk in Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America, Vol. 2.  A rollicking joy ride through the guitar sounds of the past 40 years, Zummo pays homage to his favorite artists by writing songs in the styles they pioneered.  Most of the instruments were played by Zummo himself,... Read More »
Posted on 07 Sep 2011

BPU Exclusive Lesson- Alberto Rigoni -BASSex...

  http://www.albertorigoni.net         Read More »
Posted on 06 Sep 2011

Album Review – Jason Raso – The...

  The Red Arrow is the Summit Records debut by Canadian bassist Jason Raso.  Although Raso has several albums under his belt to date, he considers this his true “debut” album.  Previous albums had “sprinklings” of jazz throughout, but Raso consider’s this his first proper Jazz album.  Proving he is an accomplished player on both electric and acoustic bass,... Read More »
Posted on 02 Sep 2011

Album Review-Under Eye by Seven7

I listen to a lot of metal and have been into the genre for many years. I rarely come across something truly unique nowadays but that was my first thought when firing up Seven7’s album “Under Eye”. Awesome, clear production does this band justice, and the opener “The Iceman” impressed me right off the bat with tight heavy riffing,... Read More »
Posted on 01 Sep 2011

Artist Spotlight- Arran McSporran

Arran started playing bass when he was fifteen, and came from a  household that may not have been classified as very musical beyond having the radio on classic-pop stations all the time.  Arran’s uncle had shown his bass to  him and Arran was  so  intrigued that he asked for one for that Christmas. While waiting for his Christmas present,... Read More »