Introspection is a 12 minute experimental journey inside the mind of Dwayne Thomas Jr.  Once inside we are presented with a variety of sounds including slamming doors, radio static and keys interjected occasionally with bass.  Thomas says “The ‘Polyneon’ concept was created through the idea of introspection and when I stopped thinking about the mundane idea of becoming or being a great musician.”  He describes the album thusly, “Introspection of Polyneon’ features a vague concept of AM/FM radio and bass improvisations and compositions I created early this year (2011).  The idea of conceptual art, radio art, microtonalism, and Dadaism also plays a role on this album.  There is a childlike presence throughout the album.  The next album I will be releasing will be entitled ‘Noise Catharsis’.”

To me Introspection is more of an art piece than a music album.  If you are looking for the impressive bass chops Dwayne Thomas, Jr. is know for, you won’t find them here.  What you do find is an avant-garde collage of sounds, including bass.  While this album may be inaccessible to many, if you can grasp the concept of what Thomas is trying to do here, you just may find it interesting.  I have to admit that I had to listen to it many times before I could truly appreciate it.  While it most likely won’t end up on your most played list, it just may blur your lines between music and art.












Stanton Lawrence([email protected])