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Album Review – Polyneon – Introspection

Introspection is a 12 minute experimental journey inside the mind of Dwayne Thomas Jr.  Once inside we are presented with a variety of sounds including slamming doors, radio static and keys interjected occasionally with bass.  Thomas says “The ‘Polyneon’ concept was created through the idea of introspection and when I stopped thinking about the mundane […]

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Gear Review- Boomerang III Phrase Sampler

Perhaps one of the most beneficial things you can do to strengthen your musicianship is to listen to recordings of yourself playing. All the little glitches in groove, tone, and technique readily jump out when you are left to the luxury of just listening to your playing rather than using most of your focus on […]

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Artist Spotlight-Damian Erskine- Top Five

Damian Erskine is a world renown specialist at bass as well as  groove player and is extremely skilled in jazz, funk, Latin and other styles of music.  These five albums  opened Damian’s ears and mind in one way or another.


Victor Wooten “A Show of Hands”:

It’s almost a cliche now but Victor really did flip me […]

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Album Review – Viz Maurogiovanni – Tempus Fugit

European bassist extraordinaire, Vincenzo Maurogiovanni’s has released his latest album, Tempus Fugit.  The soulful, expressive songs have an ethereal quality to them that make you want to sit back, relax and absorb the music. Meaning “Time Flees”, or more commonly “Time Flies” in Latin, it’s 9 tracks certainly seem to fly right by, leaving you […]

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BPU Exclusive Lesson- Stewart McKinsey-Finger Style Funk Style

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Gear Review- Stagg EDB ¾ Electric Upright Bass

Stagg EDB ¾ Electric Upright Bass


Years ago I owned a proper upright bass. It was huge, both in sound and size. I ended up parting with it as I just didn’t have the space for it anymore. I’ve always regretting selling it and lately have had the bug to get back into upright, so I […]

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Bass Players United Exclusive Lesson- Ivan Carranza

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Artist Spotlight- Alex Eckhardt

Ever since Alex can remember, music has always played an enormous role in her life. Coming from a multi-generational musical family, it seemed that she was meant to fulfill this path as well. Alex first studied piano, then cello, and eventually picked up electric bass at age 11. Alex’s parent’s both being musicians, she was […]

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Artist Interview- Joseph Patrick Moore

BPU:. What inspired you to pick up the fretless later in your bass career?

JPM: The simple answer was that I couldn’t afford to purchase a fretless bass early on, even though I was always attracted to the sound of the fretless.  I use to go to sleep with the DVD of Jaco Pastorius Modern Electric […]

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