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Artist Interview- David Marion

BPU: When did you first pick up a Bass guitar?

DM: I started playing music at 6 years old in France  playing snare drum in a marching band along side my dad on trumpet and my two older brothers (trumpet and bugle), in fact, that was my first paid gig, a 100 Francs on weekends… […]

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Artist Spotlight- Alejandro Lozano

When Alejandro was a child his older brother David was a huge influence on getting into music. David used to mix music he recorded from the radio and his vinyl   such as Duran Duran, Technotronic, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, U2, Tears for Fears. .When Alejandro was ten years old Alejandro started to listen rock in […]

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Artist Spotlight- Alberto Rigoni

Alberto Rigoni is becoming a house hold name to the Bass world these days. Alberto’s divine sound is capturing a wide spread of audience around the world.

Alberto started playing bass at the age of 15. Starting out on bass Alberto’s  first aim was to  cover Dream Theater songs and also other progressive rock metal songs, […]

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Artist Interview- Darren Michaels.

BPU: What do you like most about playing Bass?

DM :Hands down, I love the way bass rattles my guts. I don’t mean amplified bass.
I’m talking about the bass guitar itself vibrating against my belly and hands
shaking my innards from the center of me spreading outwards to my toenails up
to the back of my skull. It’s […]

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